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Fix HP Photosmart Printer is Offline

The brand of HP printers is something which is highly preferred by people owing to its

consistent performance, good quality printers as well as the availability of a range of different

printers for several price ranges spanning the requirements of the customers. Through the

course of its usage, the HP Photosmart printer offline might sometimes cause issues and show offline.

When this happens, the printer usually stops functioning or printing and doing its usual activities.There are however a number of things you can do to prevent this from happening as well as steps to take when it does happen as well. Peruse the following paragraphs to understand how to go about it.

1. First thing you need to do is make sure you switch off the device and disconnect it from the power source as well. The usual first thing which is recommended to people is to restart the device and then use it.

2. In a lot of ways, the restarting helps proper functioning. But if you have been using your device for a long period of time, it could be malfunctioning due to that as well so ensure you give it some buffer time before you use it again.

3. Overheating due to continuous usage over a period of time may have caused it to malfunction also. This will be remedied if you give it the buffer time as mentioned above.

4. The other most apparent reason why the HP printer becomes offline is because of a

connection error. For this you should check all the WiFi and related issues. Because in some

cases, it might not be an issue related to the printer at all. This could just be a Wifi issue

therefore proceed with caution. See if your WiFi is working with other devices of the household.

5. If none of the above options have seemed to work then you could try and manually ensure the device works as well. For this you have to go into the settings of the printer and then turn it into online from the offline setting.

6. There is always the option of contacting the customer care and help executives if the

connection is not materializing at all. There could be a larger connection issue relating to the

printer and you can get it examined for the same.

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