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HP Printer In Error State How To Fix

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Most of the time, you use your printer to print several documents, so it becomes too frequent for you to face a "Printer in Error State" issue. It is a common printer error that can be resolved easily with a few knowledge of troubleshooting techniques. So, if you want to fix the "HP Printer in Error State" issue on your own, then proceed further with a number of troubleshooting techniques mentioned below.

  • Check the connections properly

  • Reboot your peripheral devices

  • Update the printer driver

  • Contact the printer manufacturer

Check the Connections Properly

Make sure that all the connections between the printer and peripheral devices are correctly connected.

If you are using a wired printer, then check the cable connections properly, and if you are using a wireless or Bluetooth printer, then check the network connections between the printer and peripheral devices.

If the connections are not made accurately, then make the connections correct once again and run a test printing job. If this technique doesn't work, then proceed with the next troubleshooting technique.

Reboot your Peripheral Devices

In most of the common printer errors and issues can be resolved quickly by just restarting your printer and peripheral devices. Completely, power off your printer and peripheral devices and leave them for a while, then power on your devices. Now, try to run a test printing job to find out that the error is resolved or not.

If the error is not resolved, then proceed with the next troubleshooting technique.

Install latest version of the Printer Driver:

Sometimes, the common printer issue happens due to an outdated, faulty, or incompatible version of the printer driver. So, make sure that you are using the latest version of the printer driver in your computer system. If not, then follow the given steps in order to update the printer driver:

The most reliable way to deal with printer drivers is to use the Drive Easy software in your computer system.

Driver Easy automatically recognizes the system and detects out the compatible drivers for your computer. You don't have to worry about your computer system properties and the risk of downloading and installing incompatible drivers. Even you can't make any mistake while installing a compatible driver through Driver Easy.

  • First, download and install the latest version of the Driver Easy.

  • Launch the Driver Easy software and click on the Scan Now button. It will start to scan your computer and detect the problems regarding to printer drivers.

  • Click on the Update button accessible next to your printer in order to download the latest version of the compatible driver for your device.

Contact the Printer Manufacturer

After trying all the troubleshooting techniques if the "Printer in Error State" issue still exists, then you must have to contact the manufacturer of your printer to resolve this issue. They will check your printer and detect the issues behind this problem and help you to fix this issue.

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