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Why HP Printer Isn't Printing Word Documents

This article is for HP printer uses who are experiencing the problem ‘HP printer not publishing Word documents.' So, before we get into troubleshooting this problem, let's go through some of the most typical reasons why the HP printer won't print Word documents.

'Why HP Printer Isn't Printing Word Documents' Causes Error:

The word document will not print due to an outdated printer driver, a lack of cartridge, a defective print function, and clogged printer heads.

The issue of HP printers not producing word documents is caused by a printer scanning but not printing fault. If the print function becomes stuck in the printer queue, the HP printer may be unable to print color or Word documents.

What are the steps to Resolve the Problem:

HP printers can print Word documents with large amounts of text, graphs, charts, and pictures. If you are unable to print, however, try the troubleshooting procedures below:

  • To begin, use Word's print preview option to check that the document preview is correct and that no text or images are missing.

  • Word documents may be crisply created and structured such that the edges do not fold or cut when printed.

  • Click Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Services Print Spooler to check your spooler server. If the spooler isn't working, restart the service and run the Word doc print test again.

  • Check your printer driver, since an out-of-date driver might cause problems with printing.

This enables the word document to print in a high-quality way and delivers it directly to the printer. There are no modifications to the document as a result of this.

The print choices in a Word document allow you to set printing characteristics like the number of copies, page quality, and printing dimensions, among other things.

  • Before printing, you may check the document and make any required adjustments using the print preview option.

  • Additionally, the Word document supports printing in draught, best, and regular modes.

It's ideal if you can print in quantity in batches. You can choose how many pages per sheet can be printed in a word document.

To enable your HP printer to print Word documents, follow these steps: Install the HP Smart app:

  • To begin, go here to download and install the HP Smart app.

  • Select your printer model from the HP smart app and then printer settings to get to the settings panel.

  • To enable the app to look for printers in the accessible network, press ‘continue.'

  • Now you'll need to add your printer to the app.

To add the printer to the HP smart app, follow these steps:

  • To begin, make sure your device is linked to your computer over the same wireless network.

  • Then, choose your printer from the displayed list to continue adding it to the HP Smart app. If your printer isn't listed, manually add it.

  • To finish the configuration, go to the setup option, touch on the printer, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  • If your printer is still not visible, use the ‘+' sign to manually add it.

  • Activate the print-from-anywhere function now.

If your printer supports the ‘Print Anywhere Function,' you should be able to enable it using the instructions below:

  • Make sure your printer and computer have a working WIFI connection.

  • Select print settings on the HP smart app.

  • Then login in to your account and click to the Print anyplace option.

  • Now you can either log in with your current HP account or create a new one.

  • Select the ‘enable' option from the final visible screen.

  • Finally, return to the printing screen and check whether or not the print anywhere option is activated.

It is critical that you have updated your printer drivers before installing a printer using the HP Smart app. You'll also need an active internet connection, a turned-on HP printer, and your network's wireless password.

  • Open your computer's web browser and type "" into the search box.

  • Download the HP smart app from the official HP website.

  • To use the app, touch the icon once it has been installed.

  • A welcome screen will show when you first launch the app. After that, go to the terms and conditions section and press the start button.

  • Open the HP programme and look for the document that you want to print.

  • Select the document that you want to print and examine it in the print preview settings. If necessary, make changes to the manuscript before printing.

  • This software also helps you choose an ink cartridge.

  • To effectively modify the print quality, go to the ‘quality tools' option and adjust the pages.

HP printers provide smart printing solutions by allowing you to use remote printing. Furthermore, the memory of an HP printer saves printing materials. Word documents containing dense text, graphs, and charts, as well as pictures, may be printed efficiently. HP printers are available with both a USB and a wireless connection.

  • The user must first set up the page setup option before printing the word documents.

  • Then, in Word, use the print preview option to check that the document is printed correctly and that no text is missing.

  • Word documents may be crisply created and structured such that the edges of the document are not folded or clipped while printing.

Quick print is one of the choices available in a Word document. This alternative

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