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How to Repair an HP Envy 4520 Offline?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

When the printer indicates that the HP Envy 4520 printer offline. When a printer in Windows, Windows 10, or Mac continues to go offline. Search for "printer and devices" in the desktop start menu. Furthermore, right-click on the model of your local printer to see what the printer is printing.

With the HP Envy 4520 printer, you can print over a wired or wireless network and easily turn the printer on in Windows. Before you begin troubleshooting, double-check your HP printer's hardware and software.

How do I get my HP Envy 4520 to work again?

When the device is unable to communicate with the computer, the offline hp envy 4520 printer remains. After that, double-check that the device is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. If the printer isn't working, this is the first thing you should do.

A wireless printer is one of the most useful inventions of recent years. There's no need to connect the device to your computer with a cable or keep the printer-offline-way close by. This solution, however, is not without flaws. The HP Envy 4520 printer has gone offline, rendering it useless.

What should you do if your HP Envy 4520 printer is not working?

If the device displays an offline message, proceed as follows:

1. Deactivate the offline mode on the HP Envy 4520:

Navigate to the Devices and Printers category in the Control Panel. Following that, a list of devices that are compatible with our computer will be displayed. The printer (or printers) will be displayed at the top of the page. The device of interest should have a green icon, indicating that it is the default printer. Select See what's printing by right-clicking the device icon.

A list of documents waiting to be printed may be displayed in the displayed window. They can be removed by pressing the Cancel Printing button. Select the Printer tab from the top-of-the-page menu bar. It displays the options Use Printer Offline and Pause Printing. Uncheck any of these options if they are checked. The printer should now function properly.


HP printers running Windows 10 or 8 should download a special version of HP Print and Scan Doctor, which is essential for troubleshooting offline printer issues. Other operating system versions are devoted to the standard version of the programme, which must be downloaded and then run.

After turning it on, all that is required is to select Start and the appropriate printer-offline printer. If it isn't listed, try disabling and re-enabling it. After that, you must click Retry in the programme. In the event of a problem, follow the instructions provided by HP Print and Scan Doctor.Select Yes in both cases when prompted to enable the update or set the printer as the default device, and then continue.

3. Examine the Wi-Fi connection of the HP printer.

A properly configured device may have issues connecting to WiFi. Otherwise, the wireless printer will not be compatible unless it is connected to the same network as the computers. In this case, reconnecting the printer to the network is the best solution.


The HP Envy 4520 printer is still Offline. Resetting it is a good idea because it can restore the connection between the printer and the computer. You can accomplish this by unplugging the printer's power cord (while it is turned off!). Turning off the computer, then plugging in the printer's power cord and turning it on. If you use a wireless printer, you should also reset the router. The simplest way to accomplish this is to unplug the router's power cord from the back. Wait for the router to restart and the printer to reconnect after completing these steps.

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